Essex Pest Control and Bird Control will remove Wasps Nests from your home or business safely.

With the Wasps season arriving soon we expect calls to start coming in fast. This is when the year becomes really hectic, sometimes we can have up to 10 calls a day for wasps nests in the local areas of Essex and East London.

Have you had a wasp issue in the past? If so, be sure to check those areas. Here some favorite areas for wasps:

  • Lofts.
  • Sheds.
  • Guttering/Eaves of buildings.
  • Window frames, door frames.
  • Air bricks.
  • Skips/bins.

If a wasp finds a location that is suitable and starts nesting there, pretty soon that area will be swarming with wasps. This not only posts a risk of being stung, particularly in the later months around September, but can also cause loss of business if the nest is in a location that puts people off entering your property.

     Wasps Nest Large Wasps Nest Wasps Nest In Corner

Some nests if left can get extremely large. They can then also cause damage to items that they chew through, and if in a loft, can cause a serious risk to you if you should enter the loft without knowing of the presence of a wasps nest.

We charge an affordable rate and wont charge you per nest if you have several nests as can occur.

Contact us for more information, don’t leave a nest to grow!

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control will where possible remove a nest from the property if it is in a location that is safe to do so.

Our wasps nest removal services are fast, we can get to your property the same day across Dagenham, Romford, Basildon, Grays, Walthamstow or for pest control in Brentwood to pest control Stratford.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, why not also take a look at our external blog here – bed bugs London.


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