Pigeon Solar Panel Proofing

Pigeon Solar Panel Proofing

One of our most requested services over the last 18 months has been pigeon solar panel proofing. Pigeons are making peoples lives difficult. Preventing residents from sleeping. Fouling all over their cars and home and gardens. Eggs falling from the roofs. Put simply Pigeons are a real pest to many.

As so many new build properties were built with solar panels this enabled pigeons to nest in the heart of residential areas and thrive. Often home owners had no choice in having the solar panels.

Solar panels offer pigeons cover from the elements and a perfect area to nest away from predators.  

Pigeon solar panel proofing

pigeon solar panel proofing services

Our pigeon solar panel proofing services is like no other. We do not use cheap chicken wire just pushed under the solar panels or netting which will only tear and sag over time. Our method will out last the solar panels.

Cut to size on the day as all solar panels are fitted at different height to the tiles. This enables a tight fit that looks better and is 100% effective.

Pigeon solar panel proofing can be done in one day for homes and we at Essex Pest Control & Bird Control always use safety equipment when working on roofs. We also use roof ladders so we do not need to walk on and risk damaging your roof tiles.

All of our pigeon solar panel proofing services come with a guarantee. We offer this services to Essex, London, Kent, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Sussex. It is always easier if you can send us some pictures of your solar panels and the side of the property they are on so we can see if there are any obstructions where we will be placing our ladders.

If you are suffering with pigeons on your property then give us a call and we can advise you about the best steps to take next.

Part of our pigeon solar panel proofing service is also to remove any pigeon nests from under the solar panels and we also clean out the gutters that are usually full of fouling.

email any pictures to Darren@epbcontrol.co.uk


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