Insect Control  Services

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control provide Insect Control London and Essex.

Insect control services London

Our insect control services are available to both residential and commercial properties that may be suffering from ants, fleas, spiders or bedbugs.

Our treatments are guaranteed to be effective and are affordable.

Below are some of the pests we can provide pest extermination and control services for. Our services range from intensive one off treatments, routine servicing of a property, monitoring, inspections as well as other services to keep your property pest free.

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control use only the most effective products and together with our vast experience and knowledge of all types of insects, can have your property pest free quickly whatever the infestation is of.

Cockroaches – In the UK the most common types of cockroaches found are the German Cockroach and The Oriental Cockroach. They differ in their size, colour and required conditions. Cockroach extermination can take 3 to 4 visits.

The German Cockroach is small, dark tan and extremely fast, preferring warm/humid conditions to nest and breed in.

This is why if you find these roaches they will usually be in or close to electrical appliances in the kitchen such as fridges, microwaves and ovens, as well as cupboards that will house spices and such like.

german cockroach - insect control
The Oriental Cockroach is black, large and will be found in damp, wet conditions, coming from or near drains. These are larger and the German roach and tend to me more on the ground. oriental cockroach - insect control





Treatment for both types of cockroach is similar but requires the knowledge and experience to ensure infestations stay away by not only targeting adult roaches but also the nymphs and areas that are most high risk. Due to their preferred living conditions there are a few things that have to be taken into consideration during the treatment.

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control can carry out intensive one off pest control treatments and insect control treatments to remove Cockroaches from homes or businesses or provide you with an ongoing monitoring and control treatment. Contact us for more information on these services.

Flea Control – Fleas are most commonly brought into homes via cats, 75% of all fleas in the UK are from our cats. Fleas can also easily be taken into the workplace on personal items and if conditions are right can quickly breed and become a full infestation. Flea treatments begin from one hundred pounds.

If you are experiencing an infestation of Fleas in your home or the office a treatment can be arranged to quickly remove them. Treatments can be carried out at a time to suit you or your business and Essex Pest Control and Bird Control can quickly have your property returned to a condition you are happy with.

Contact Essex Pest Control and Bird Control today to discuss our full range of pest control services from one off intensive treatments, servicing contracts, services for food, retail and accommodation sectors. Whatever your property type, if you require insect control or pest control London, insect control or pest control Essex or further afield, we can help.