Stop Squirrels Stealing the Bird Seed

If you love seeing birds in your garden then you may have a bird feeder in your garden this winter. This is a great way of looking after all the winter birds such as gorgeous little Christmassy robins; however it can also attract greedy squirrels.

It can be very upsetting to spend times and money on a bird feeder and bird seed and then sit at the window ready to watch the robin, cardinals, finches and doves feed from the bird feeder, only for a squirrel to come along and eat all the food, scaring the birds off in the meantime.

In this article we talk about different ways you can avoid feeding the greedy squirrels and instead keep the bird seed for the birds.

If you have a hanging bird feeder place it on a smaller branch or wire at least a few feet away from the nearest large branch so the squirrel is unable to leap to it but the birds can still get to it with ease. Alternatively you may choose to cut branches away from around the bird feeder to make it more of a challenge for the squirrel.

When purchasing bird feed for your bird feeder choose varieties of bird seed that birds like but squirrels don’t. If you speak to a reliable pest control company they will be able to advise you on the best bird seed to use.

Some people choose to add cayenne pepper to the bird seed, birds are not deterred by the heat of this spice but many squirrels will be.

You will also find squirrel proof bird feeders available in many garden centres and pet shops; these are built with pegs or smaller holes that make the feeder inaccessible for squirrels but are still suitable for birds to feed from.

If you would still like to feed squirrels but are concerned about the birds going unfed then why not put out separate food for squirrels – this will then leave the birds to feed in peace and you get to watch squirrels in your garden too!

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