Servicing Agreements

Servicing Agreements

Welcome to our blog and this post regarding servicing agreements, what we do, how we do it and what that means for your home or business.

Servicing agreements are usually put in place when a property requires year round protection. This may be due to past infestations of pests such as mice or rats and due to the property type such as a bakery, food production plant or school and it is vital that they keep a pest free environment.

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control provide both residential and commercial pest control services and all servicing agreements will be tailored to meet the needs of any property type.

This means if you have children present, are a food production factory or maybe a care home, measures will always be put in place to ensure that the pest control services remain 100% effective whilst always being safe. 

Servicing agreements include reporting at the end of each visit, the technician will carry out his inspections and do what is required, from re baiting, removing pests such as rodents, insects or even wasp nest removal and then report on what has been done, with what materials and other details.

Servicing Agreements Of All Property Types.  Servicing Agreements Of Homes and Businesses

If you would like to know more about the servicing agreements that Essex Pest Control and Bird Control can offer your property then contact us today, these services are available for pest control London, Essex, Hertfordshire and pest control Kent.

We operate 7 days a week so can also attend your property at the most suitable time for you.

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