Rodents Need Somewhere To Stay This Christmas Too!

While you are planning your Christmas Day, sorting out where everyone is going to stay while trying to find a way to get out of having the in-laws round for Christmas dinner again this year rodents are also planning where they are going to stay this Christmas.

As the colder weather is upon us rats and mice that live outdoors will start to try and find a warmer and dryer shelter to stay, where there is plenty of food available. Sadly one of the places they may consider staying is your home. If you thought your mother in law was bad, just wait until you find a family of rats staying in your home! They will cause a lot more trouble than your mother in law could ever dream of!

A rat or mouse could enter your home through a gap or hole as small as a quarter of inch in diameter, for them this is the perfect entry point to the food, warmth and shelter than a rodent is looking for. Once the rodent is inside your home they can then start searching around for food while you are sleeping so you are none the wiser.

It is often said the best way to know if you have rodents in your home is by spotting their droppings but it seems that mice and rats have become wise to this. Research has proven that some clever mice and rats refrain from defecating or even eat their own faeces to avoid predators find them or even knowing they are there. Just because there are no droppings in your home is does not mean the rodents have found a new home.

If you have found corners of food packaging gnawed or nibbled chances are there are rodents in your home and you will need to call in a rodent removal company to get them out of your home! After all, it’s warm in your home and there is plenty of food, why would the rodents choose to go elsewhere?

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