Price Of Bed Bug Treatments

Price Of Bed Bug Treatments

Price of bed bug treatments in London

The Price of bed bug treatments varies depending on a number of factors from what bed bug control company to type of bed bug treatment carried out and how many rooms are treated.

Essex Pest Control & Bird Control take into account things like how many bedrooms have a bed bugs infestation, how many beds require a bed bug treatment, the location of the property, i.e, central London or Greater London, Essex and so on. These things make a difference to the price of bed bug treatments but not greatly for us.

To have an inspection of your home for bed bugs would cost just £50! This is the cost for Essex Pest Control & Bird Control to have a technician attend your home, hotel or hostel and carry out an in depth inspection for signs of bedbugs. This charge is also only applicable if you do not proceed or require a bed bugs treatment after the inspection. So, if bedbugs are found and you wish to proceed with the bed bug removal treatment, you only pay for the treatment, not the inspection.

As said above, the price of a London bed bug treatments does vary from company to company and area to area. Bed bug treatments are not something that should be judged on price however as sometimes paying less can mean getting less. Its important to do your research on the company you want to use and ask questions. Some national companies charge very high amounts for bed bug control in London. Some local companies to charge pretty high amounts.

Essex Pest Control & Bird Control think the price of bed bug treatments in London and Essex by us is very affordable and starting from just over one hundred pounds I think you would agree.

Our bed bug treatments are very in depth, here is a bit of what you can expect:

  • Treatment of beds, mattresses, furniture, floors, cracks and crevices, sofas. Inspection of all areas in property.
  • Guidance on preparation and aftercare, bedbugs advice here Bed Bugs London

Essex Pest Control & Bird Control are based in Essex and East London so can attend all areas of Essex, London and Kent relatively quickly. We are daily in areas such as Walthamstow, Romford, Basildon and Ilford, Stratford.


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