Popstars Hotel With Bedbugs

Pop star Lauren Hildebrant has recently come out in a press release saying that people should be aware of bedbugs in hotel rooms, after getting a few bits weeks ago during a stay in a New York Hotel she has now struggled to sleep in other hotels with the fear their are bedbugs in the bed.

Meanwhile Jeremy Borash took to twitter to confirm he had been asked to sign a release in exchange for compensation further to getting bites from bed bugs after a stay at a New Jersey Hotel.

But it’s not just America these bedbugs are choosing to enjoy their holidays, bedbugs can be found all over the world in cars, public transport, moving vans, homes and hotels. The reason bedbugs tend to be found in hotels is because the rooms are used by people from all different walks of life.

It seems that bedbugs in four and five star hotels are spoken about more often because it’s the upper-class and celebrity style of people that stay in these places and they will shout about it for the entire world to hear.

It is also proven that high end hotels don’t want people to think they have bedbugs so instead of calling the bedbug removal experts in they try and rid their hotel rooms of bedbugs themselves. Some high end hoteliers fear that if people see bedbug removal specialists arriving then people will no longer stay at their hotels. However, what it really needs is someone to stand forward saying that they know bedbugs are a problem in the hotel industry and they are calling in the bedbug specialists to remove any bedbugs from their hotel to ensure that those staying at the hotel have an enjoyable stay.

If you have bedbugs in your hotel don’t be ashamed, instead be proud that you are doing something about it by calling the pest control company, instead of allowing your visitors to get eaten by these blood sucking pests.

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