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Welcome to Essex Pest Control & Bird Control. Our mice control and proofing services are available to Essex, London and Kent.

Now that the cold weather is here you may find you have some extra guests for Christmas. Mice can find their way into your home via a hole the width of a pen and once in they stay in and thrive.

Mice control and mouse proofing is our most requested pest control treatment in London this time of year. Often people will have noticed the first signs of mice in their home a while before but then this soon increases as mice breed every six weeks. Soon you will go from seeing 1 mouse (as everyone always believes they are only seeing one when actually that is rarely true) to seeing anything up to and sometimes more than a dozen.

Mice Control and Proofing a Kitchen

Once mice have entered your home the damage they can do is sometimes shocking for people. Chewing of food, personal items, doors and then there is the smell, the droppings, the urine and the health risks. If you are at that stage then mice control and proofing is what you need to prevent the infestation from growing and becoming unbearable.

Mice control and proofing for a house will consist of a baiting treatment and then to locate and seal all entry points inside a house and outside below waist height. The routes that mice enter a house to tend to be consistent from property to property, regardless of if it is a flat or house but they can vary is the extent of work needed to correctly seal the holes to ensure long term protection. Get in touch with us today to book a mouse proofing service and ensure your home never suffers from mice again.

Essex Pest Control & Bird Control ensure that only the best materials are used for mice control and proofing your home, this means no expending foam. Proofing with foam is messy and does not provide long term protection as mice can easily chew through this. Even wire wool if used in the wrong place can be non effective.

Our methods rely on replacing the original material with like for like, so wood in wood, cement in cement floor and brick and so on. Not only does this ensure that the mice control and proofing against rodents will remain effective but it wont stand out and be an eye sore.

If you require Pest Control Essex, Pest Control East London, Kent or Mice control and proofing for your home then contact us today for more information. Our mice control and proofing treatments are available by appointment.


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