Have You Invited Squirrels Round For Your New Years Eve Party?

As with every party there is always someone that invites themselves. Sometimes it’s the weird guy at work that nobody really talks to yet he always seems to know about all the parties and happens to be at them. Or maybe it could be the noisy neighbour who just happened to pop by – during your party and as she’s there she may as well stay for a drink or two.

However you may have some other ‘unwelcome’ guests at your New Years Eve party that you do not even know are there. We discussed the rats and mice at your house for Christmas in last week’s blog, these guys may be spotted on the ground floor of your house, but common household pests such as squirrels will often hideaway in your loft or in other parts of your home that are rarely used.

Unlike the rodents who are just looking for somewhere to ride out the colder the months, the squirrels are looking for somewhere to breed and raise their young. The squirrel is looking for somewhere warm and cosy like in your loft insulation. Unlike rats and mice, the squirrel won’t be seen through gnaw holes in food packaging, they will go out and get food and then bring it back to feed their young in your loft.

Squirrels may look cute and furry running up the trees in your local park, but when they are running back and forth across your loft all hours of the day and night or destroying your expensive loft insulation they will not be so cute and adorable.

If you think you have squirrels in your loft call in the pest removal experts to rid you of your squirrel infestation.

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