How do you get bed bugs

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control are going to answer the question so many people ask, how do you get bed bugs?

Bed bugs is a popular topic at the moment with their increase worldwide and people rightly being concerned about bringing bed bugs home or picking them up somewhere. Bed bug pest control has seen a huge increase over the last few years as travel becomes easier and more available to all of us.

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control have found that this is now our most requested pest control services for East London and Essex, however we do provide our 24 hour pest control services to all of London, Essex and Kent, 7 days a week.

Professional bed bugs removal

Okay, so where do you get bed bugs?

You can get bed bugs from various places such as:

  • Hotels.
  • Hostels.
  • Holidays.
  • Travelling.
  • Friends and family that may have bed bugs.
  • Libraries, schools and other areas people frequent.

Bed bugs are a pest that must be brought into your home, either on your person or on something you bring in, such as furniture for example that may have been given to you and could potentially have come from somewhere that has an infestation.

Always take care when holidaying, travelling, ensure your clothing is wrapped in bags before going into your cases. See our other posts on bed bugs for tips and advice.

If you suspect you may have problems with bed bugs contact us for pest control Essex or pest control London, we provide insect control, rodent control and many other services that can keep your home pest free. There are several bed bugs London companies but we believe our level of service and guaranteed effective treatments are what makes us different.



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