False Widow Spiders

False Window Spiders

False window spiders have become a common sighting throughout homes in the UK over the last couple of years even though they have been present in the UK for over a hundred years.

With the recent news coverage of false window spiders people are more aware of them but there are also many false sightings.

If however you are concerned that you have false window spiders in your home you should call a professional pest control company in to carry out an inspection and treatment if required.

If bitten by a false widow spider you should go straight to the hospital. False widow spiders can cause extreme swelling and some people can have severe reactions to them.

EPB Pest Control have carried out many many treatments for false widow spiders. The treatment would involve internal and external areas of a property in all rooms and involve more than one visit.

If you would like us to attend your property to carry out an inspection for false widow spiders contact us today. We provide a 24 hour pest control call out service across London and Essex so can attend your home at a time that suits your needs.




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