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Bed Bug Signs

Let me guess, you are asking , how can you find Bed Bugs or how can I get bed bugs? Getting rid of bed bugs isn’t as simple as finding them.

Bed bugs are on the increase worldwide across all major cities, including London. Bed Bug Pest Control is now one of the most requested services by residential properties and hotels, hostels and other sleeping establishments.

Bed Bugs are easily spread, difficult to detect to the untrained eye in the early stages of an infestation and once they have been brought into a property, are easily spread to other properties of family and friends. See our videos page to see what bed bug eggs look like as well as videos of the bugs and also their excrement, understanding the signs helps and where to find bed bugs will be shown in these videos.

Having bed bugs does not mean a dirty or unclean house. Bed Bugs can be picked up from travelling, visiting somewhere that has bed bugs. It is common for people who have picked up bed bugs to return to their property and put their cases or bags on top of their wardrobes. Often, say 6 out of every 10 bed bugs treatments we do across London, on the back of a wardrobes there will be signs of where the bugs have come out of the suitcase and made their way down the furniture to get to the bed. This obviously means there is a high risk of there being eggs within the cases/bags. If you have recently been travelling or on holiday and have your cases on top of furniture or under the bed, best check them now!

Bed Bugs prefer to squeeze into tight cracks, gaps and such like. Like the seem of the mattress, the joins of a bed frame, skirting boards or on the back of pictures and bed side units, also, anything under the bed has a high possibility of having bugs and eggs in it, when they fall through the bed they will head into the nearest thing they find, boxes, books, paperwork, toys, shoes…

Bed Bugs Bites – You cannot get any disease from bed bugs bites, you can however gain infections from scratching the bites. Several bites on an arm can be very uncomfortable.

If you think you have seen the early signs of Bed Bugs, get an inspection and act quickly before this pest takes hold of your property.

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