Bed Bug Information

Bed Bug Information

Here is some bed bug information that may be of use to you if you are experiencing problems with bedbugs. 

Bed bugs are easily transferred by staying somewhere that already is infested, having someone stay with you who has a bed bug infestation in their own property, holiday and travelling as well as bringing in furniture or infested items into your home.

The one piece of bed bug information most people seek is how do you get bed bugs, which I would like to ad is no reflection on hygiene or the condition of the home and the other main question, what do bed bugs look like, as not everyone has major infestations and finds them. 

Bed bug information

Bed bugs will crawl into cracks, crevices, the bed frame, the top of curtains if your curtains over hang your bed, the rear of your wardrobes, bed side units, down the edge of the carpet and floors among other places. Contact me for more information on this.

Bed bugs will usually feed around the upper body, neck, arms, shoulders, back, it is however not uncommon to find bites in other areas.

A female bed bug can lay up to 300 eggs in her life time in the right conditions. These can be spread far and wide or sometimes clumped together. Small. 1mm in size, white, they can be near on impossible to see to the untrained eye.

One piece of bed bug information I would give is that if you are considering a D.I.Y treatment they rarely work and can in fact make a bed bug infestation worse! Again for more detailed information contact me.

You will also find some great bed bug information on my other blog, Bed Bugs London. This blog has videos, pictures and all sorts of useful bed bug information from bed bug treatments to items infested with eggs.

A good bed bug treatment will first start with good advice. It may be necessary for the pest control or bed bug technician to treat all furniture in the rooms, if this is the case it is likely you will be asked to wash all clothing so be prepared. With bed bug treatments it is vital your follow all advice given to you by the pest control company, if you are not being given advice, id think twice about using them.

Never use bed bug smoke treatments purchased from the internet, if you have, make sure you inform the pest controller when they attend.

Further Bed Bug Information

For more detailed information feel free to call or email me

I will gladly give you further bed bug information, advice or help you get your home bed bug free with one of our expert bed bug control treatments in London, Essex and Kent.

Bed bugs should only be removed by someone who has vast experience and knowledge of them to prevent re infestations and incorrect, unsafe treatments as well as ensuring you get the correct bed bug information.




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