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Welcome to Essex Pest Control & Bird Control, we provide discreet bed bug control London 7 days a week and also a 24 hour pest control service. 

Having bed bugs is a stressful and worrying time. With our bed bug control London advice, treatments and information, together we can quickly have your home bed bug free.

Bed Bug Control London

Our Bed Bugs London advice and information blog alone is read in 26 countries and we reply to over 50 emails a month from around the world. This should be your first thing to read before having a bed bug treatment carried out.

Over the last 10 years we at Essex Pest Control & Bird Control have seen a huge increase of bed bugs in London and the home counties and the request for bed bug control London has more than tripled. So much so that over the last 6 years 80% of our London pest control treatments are bed bugs control treatments. This is now what we specialise in so you are in good hands with EPB Control.

  • Treatment of beds, mattresses, furniture, floors, sofas, cracks and crevices.
  • Support and guidance on room preparation and after-care.

All major cities around the world suffer with bed bugs and London has its fair share. Bedbugs are easily spread and in areas of high population thrive. This is more apparent during the summer months when people are travelling and having holidays and visiting friends and family. The later being one of the most common ways people get bed bugs into their home. They easily hide in luggage. 

If you have bed bugs in your home then you should take care when visiting family and friends so not to spread them as they will hang onto clothing and other items. D.I.Y bed bug treatments rarely work and can in many cases make the problem worse so it is advised to seek a professional bed bug technician or company such as us.

Our discreet bed bug control London treatments are guaranteed to be effective and we will take you through how to prepare your home and rooms step by step as well as explain the bed bug control treatment process when you contact us.

Essex Pest Control & Bird Control provide bed bug control London 7 days a week so can attend your home at a time that suits you!

  • Affordable Bed bug control London.
  • Discreet, helpful and professional.

Essex Pest Control & Bird Control do not shy away from any level of bed bugs infestation. We take on bed bug control treatments no matter how bad or how small. A small bed bugs infestation left can quickly turn into a bad infestation when you consider that a female bed bug can lay 300 eggs .

Essex Pest Control & Bird Control provide bed bug control in London, Essex and Kent and we carry out treatments in Homes, Hotels, Hostels and have also carried out bed bug control on cruise ships and barges and even vans!

We try to provide cheap pest control treatments by monitoring industry costs and keeping the price for the client as affordable as possible. Contact us today to get a free no obligation quotation for bed bug removal in your home. 

A room that is prepared correctly will ensure the bed bug control process is smooth and that treatments are likely to be effective more quickly. If a room has not been prepared as to the advice given it may mean a postponement in the start of the treatment. 

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Bed Bug Control – Did you know?

  • Bed Bugs were close to being eliminated from the developed world in the 1940’s.Bed Bug Control Services In The UK
  • A Female bed bug can lay up to and sometimes more than 300 eggs in her lifetime.
  • Bed Bug Eggs take between 6 – 10 days to hatch.
  • Eggs are laid into cracks/crevices on beds, furniture and they are white and oval.
  • Bed Bugs usually feed for anything between 2 – 7 mins until full.
  • They usually bite the head and neck and arms.
  • Adult bed bugs can survive up to a year without a blood meal.
  • Bed Bugs can live for between 10 to 11 months.
  • Fogging treatments and aerosol treatments can actually make the problem worse by making the bed bugs spread. 

Here are some pictures of bed bugs, eggs and excrement that may assist in identifying their presence in your home.

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Bed Bug Control Advice – To the untrained eye of a non bed bug technician, bed bugs are a pest that can be difficult to locate when in the early stage of an infestation. Not all properties have dozens of bed bugs or major bed bug infestations, some cases could be just one or two, but if left, can quickly develop into a much more serious infestation requiring a much more in depth bed bug control and treatments.

If you think you have bed bugs, have you seen blood spots? Black, excrement marks? Skin casts? Have you checked the rear of bed side units, under the mattress on the wooden slats? Bed bugs love those areas! Items under your bed, pictures on the wall above your bed or if your curtains over hang your bed, the gathering at the top of the curtains?

Try having a good, in depth clean, often in the early stages of a bed bug infestation it is possible to remove the bed bugs by deep cleaning the room, the carpets/floors behind hoovered, in particular the edges as bed bugs love to squeeze into the gaps. Also around plug sockets, radiator brackets, the back of doors. If you think you have an early level infestation try some d.i.y bed bug control in the form of cleaning but DO NOT buy fogging and aerosol d.i.y treatments from the internet. These can actually make a bed bug infestation worse and make bed bug control for the technician more difficult.

Contact us today if you would like us to carry out a bed bug inspection in London or South East UK or a bed bug treatment in London for you.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs – Firstly, having bed bugs in your room or home does not make your home dirty, unhygienic or does it reflect in anyway on how you live. Bed bugs also do not distinguish between a clean home and a dirty one. There are several ways in which you can get bed bugs in your home.

Travelling is a common way to bring bed bugs into your home, in suit cases, you may have just come back from holiday, back packing, or stayed in a hotel for work, all of these are ways in which it is common to pick up bed bugs. You could have had someone stay with you that has bed bugs, perhaps they are not aware of them, or maybe they are aware but just not that they can spread bed bugs on their person, this is another common way of getting bed bugs. 

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control provide several bed bug control London and across South East UK every week. Our bed bug control London services are also guaranteed!

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