where to find bed bugs

Where to find bed bugs


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Where to find bed bugs. If you think you have bed bugs or think you may have been bitten by a bed bug you are more than likely wondering why you cant find them or have not seen them. I should imagine that you have also considered that you could have been bitten by something else, such as a flea or a mosquito.

Bed bug bites will tend to be around the arms, neck and face, I say tend, obviously nothing in life is guaranteed and there is always the odd circumstances where you could be bitten in another area of your body, but generally those are the areas you will be bitten.

Sometimes people will wake up in the night and find one crawling on them or along their sheets. I am presuming you haven’t otherwise you wouldn’t be reading where to find bed bugs, right?

Firstly I have been carrying out bed bug removal treatments and pest control London, Essex and Kent for nearly 10 years. Bed bugs in my most requested service after rodent control and I consider myself second to none is removing them from any property, hotel, hostels or homes. My testimonials back up the level of service I provide.

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Okay, so I am going to take you through the areas that in my experience I have always found bed bugs in all types of properties and you will too if you follow these steps.

  • Bed frame with wooden slats – along the edge/edge of wood, as in picture above left.
  • Box frame – Along the edge of the plastic cover over the base by staples and wheels/legs.
  • Mattress – along lip either side or under buttons on flat sides.
  • Skirting boards around headboard or side of bed. Under and behind skirting boards bed bugs crawl in.
  • Bed bugs nest on the rear of bed side tables along the edges and corners/joins.
  • Wardrobes/chest of draws. Rear and inside where wood joins. Corners. Especially if you have been hoilday or travelling recently and put your cases on top of wardrobe and clothes straight away.
  • Shelving – any shelves that are above or close to the bed. Bugs like to crawl into gap between shelf and wall.
  • Books – if you keep a book beside your bed or books bugs like to crawl into the spine/page folds.
  • Items under your bed will almost certainly have bed bugs and eggs on them.
  • Loose wallpaper. Always a certain to find bed bugs if near bed.
  • Ornaments near bed, floor or on top of units.
  • Pictures and frames on wall above bed, guaranteed to find activity on the rear of them.
  • Window frame. If your bed is by a window, check around gaps, cracks and holes.
  • Curtain pole. Check around brackets above window. Common place.
  • Luggage – if you have recently been away, start with checking cases bags.

So those are pretty much the basic areas where you will find bed bugs if you are sure you have them. So what do they look like? What are you looking for? Well, although Essex Pest Control have discussed this on this previous bed bugs post, we will go through it again.

The easiest way to describe an adult bed bug is similar in size to an apple pip. Finding an adult however is not always possible, you may have only brought back some young. Young bed bugs are translucent, near on impossible to see to the untrained eye. A pest controller, good pest controller that is, could walk into a room and find them if they are there straight away. Young ones if not fed will be pretty much see through and if tucked into a good area you may not notice them. Now you know what you are looking for, look a litter harder!

Eggs. As you can see from the picture above where I am holding the wooded slat up bed bug eggs are small, white and oval. They will either be laid in clumps or spread out. A female bed bug can lay up-to 300 eggs in her life time. That is a lot of bed bugs! Take a look at some of my insect control and pest control videos which show bed bugs.

Again a good pest control company, or Essex Pest Control and Bird Control for that matter could carry out an inspection to confirm the presence of bed bugs and eggs and then tailor a bed bug removal treatment that best suits your home, hotel or hostel.

I have carried out treatments in all size properties from 5 bedroom houses, 1 bedrooms flats to hotels and hostels and rehabilitation centres. It isn’t a hygiene issue, they will infest anywhere if they are brought in which leads me to my next post that will be – how do you get bed bugs.

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control are a pest control Essex, pest control London and pest control Kent service as well as providing services to the surrounding locations. If you would like us to carry out an inspection or treatment for you contact us or myself Darren. I hope this post has been of use to you and assisted you in finding those bed bugs!



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