Wasp Nest Removal LondonWasp Nest Removal London – Essex

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control provide wasp nest removal in Essex and wasp nest removal in London.

Now the wasps are in full flow across the UK the number of calls for wasp nest removal has risen sharply. Our pest control technicians could be around the corner from you now and our vans are equipped to deal with any call that comes in so contact us now and we will be with you in no time!

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control ensure that we keep the cost of wasp nest removal in London and Essex affordable by reviewing the price each year. Give us a call and we will let you know the cost and how quickly we can get to your property. 

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control will where possible not only exterminate the wasps nest but if possible and access allows, safety in mind, remove and take away the wasp nest too. 

We can carry out wasp nest removal from lofts, sheds, guttering, air bricks and all other places including at height. Give us a call now if you have a wasp nest that is in a door way or by a window and is posing a risk to yourself or others.

Wasp Nest Removal London – Wasp Nest Removal Essex – 7 Days A Week

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control aim to provide a fast service for wasp nest removal services across London and the home counties.

  • London – Essex – Kent – Hertfordshire.
  • Same day wasp nest removal services where possible and immediately in an emergency.
  • Remove the nest where possible.
  • Affordable.
  • Effective and Guaranteed.
  • We treat nests in any area of your property.

If you have a wasp nest that is obstructing entry to your property, EPB Control will have a technician with you as a matter of priority.

Wasps Nest Removal From Your Loft. Wasps Nest Removal In London Wasps Nest Removal London

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control have been providing pest control in London and local pest control in Essex to residential and commercial properties for many years. Wasp nest removal is one of our most requested services throughout the summer but we also provide many other services such as:

About Wasps

Wasp Nests are made by tiny pieces of wood being taken from fence panels and sheds by the queen wasp when she comes out of hibernation. The wasp chews and mixes the wood with saliva.

When spring arrives, the queen wasp that has hibernated over winter will start the construction of her nest, mainly in lofts, sheds, holes in the ground or walls.

Her food source at that time will be pollen, later this will be partly insects in the liquid form as Wasp larvae will be fed on insects, and in return some of this meal will then be liquidated by the larvae and produce a sugary liquid which the wasps will feed on.

Adult wasps do not have mouth parts for chewing or eating but have a series of tubes similar to a honey bee for liquid and pollen consumption.

This is essentially the food source that will keep the worker wasps going for the season and this is the reason that once the larvae have left the nest, the problem between wasp and humans occurs, as they go looking for food which they are no longer getting from the nest, hence why they are common to be found around pub gardens, ice cream stands and such like areas.

Once mating has been carried out, the female wasps will find an area to hibernate over winter until the following season. Harsh winters rarely kill off this wasps. They are more likely to die at the hands of spiders or other predators or in the event of a warm winter where the wasp will come out of hibernation early and then have no food source and starve.

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control are equipped to attend your property for wasp nest removal London, wasp nest removal Essex and other areas of South East UK. Nests are treated in whatever location and remove them from your property if it is safe to do so.

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