Pest Control treatments provided by Essex Pest Control and Bird Control.

Here I am going to touch on some of the treatments and services that are offered by us.

I will start with one of our most requested services and treatments this time of year.

Rodent Control, Mice and Rat Control and Proofing.

Rodent control treatments come thick and fast this time of year due to the cold weather and rats and mice moving inside properties. Proofing is probably just as much requested as baiting. Simply, if a property has holes, expect mice or rats at some point.

Baiting is great to remove an infestation, however, proofing will keep them out. These are treatments that we do across London and the home counties. The materials we use depend on the hole, location of the hole and other factors. We will guarantee however that once we have proofed your home, you will not suffer a re infestation. We don’t use foam which is messy and can be chewed through, we use long term rodent proof materials for our treatments. This applies to both rats and mice.

Insect Control, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches and Ants.

Insect control treatments for pest such as bed bugs, cockroaches, ants as well as common intruders like silverfish are always a regular year round.

Bed bug treatments we undertake weekly, these are treatments that should only be undertaken by highly experienced pest controllers who have knowledge of bed bugs, their habits and so on.  Our bed bug control treatments consist of a full room by room inspection, treatment of furniture, beds, frames, and other areas. For more bed bug information I also have a blog here, Bed Bugs London.

 Treatment Of Bed bugs on back of wardrobes    Bed Bug Treatments

German Cockroach treatments will consist of both insecticide treatments where safe and effective to use and gel and trap treatments. Spraying an edge of a floor in the middle of the day is both a waste of materials and in effective, but I have seen it.

Cockroaches are not difficult to eradicate if approached correctly, although they do require assistance from tenants in the form of ensuring that all oothecas are swept up. For more on cockroaches see our videos page which clearly shows infestations and a cockroach with protruding Ootheca.

Common intruders such as silverfish, ants and so on are straight forward to control and we usually ad this on to any contract we provide just as an added bonus.

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control also provide feral pigeon control London, bird control, fouling removal and inspections, reporting as well as routine servicing treatments and one off intensive pest control treatments in London, Essex and Kent.

All of these services and treatments are available to all property types and for pest control London, pest control Essex and pest control Kent.


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