There’s A Rat In Your Kitchen – What Are You Gonna Do?

We all know the song by UB40 – “there’s a rat in ma kitchen, what am I gonna do?” but if there was a rat in your home or kitchen what would you do? In this article we list some of the top ways you can get rid of the rats from your home.

Humane Traps – Going into any DIY shop you will find some humane traps; these are traps that trap the rat without killing them. The issue with these traps is that you then need to get rid of the rat from the cage. This can be done by driving miles from your home and releasing them but you need to make sure that you drive away far enough that they do not return to your home.

Lethal Traps – These are also available from most DIY shops and are ideal for those people who don’t want to deal with live rats at all. There are lots of different lethal traps available to help you get rid of your rats, right through from the snap trap to the more costly traps that are electronic, these kill the rat instantly with an electric shock.

Cats – when you have cats prowling your home and garden you will be less likely to have a rat problem, this is a great idea if you like cats but if you’re not a cat fan then this may not be the option for you. It’s important to remember that your cats may bring you dead or half dead rats as a ‘gift’ and this may not always be the gift you always wanted.

Chemicals – these are available in DIY shops but you need to be really careful with the rodent removal products you chose. Some chemicals that can be purchased to remove rats from your home can be poisonous to humans and pets. If you are not used to handling strong and dangerous chemicals then it’s recommended that you chose a different method to rid your home of rats.

Fill The Gaps – if you have rats in your home you need to think about how they may be getting into your home. Rats can squeeze inside through some pretty small spaces especially when the smell of food is there tempting them. Make sure you go round your home and fill in all these holes to stop the rats coming back inside your house, keeping them outside where they belong.

Pest Control Professionals – If you panic at the sight of a rat then it may be wise to call in pest removal specialists to get rid of the rats for you? The pest control company will come into your home, see the size of your rodent problem and suggest different ways in which they can remove the rats from your home.


Which rat removal method takes your fancy?

  1. Zeenat / 28 May 2015


    I am suffering from rat problem
    My kitchen is being renovated and they have moved into the living and dining room.The dining room
    Is full of kitchen equipment at much do you charge to proof the house of mice and rats re-entering again?

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