Essex Pest Control & Bird Control carry out solar panel proofing for homes all over London, Essex and Kent. 

This has been one of the most requested services over the last few years due to most new build properties having solar panels fitted. As good as this is for the homes it is also ideal for Pigeons as it creates a perfect nesting site away from the weather.

Essex Pest Control & Bird Control can permanently solve this problem with our solar panel proofing service. Unlike others we do not use chicken wire that is pushed under the panel. Although this is a cheaper option it will not last long term and as we see often Pigeons will just push on it until they can gain access under the solar panels again. 

Our method is guaranteed and will last as long as your solar panels!

solar panel proofing on houses

Heavy duty thick gauge galvanised metal that is cut to size on the day for a tight fit is used.

Properly secured so no damage to your solar panels.

Safety equipment used at all times.

Removing pigeons from solar panelsNo walking on your tiles. No crawling over your solar panels. Always two men on every job. 

We remove all nests and fouling before carrying out the solar panel proofing to ensure no trapped Pigeons.  

Essex Pest Control & Bird Control are the company that takes health and safety seriously as well as respecting your property. 

All to often we we arrive to carry out solar panel proofing when someone else has tried and failed to do it correctly we find broken tiles, damaged panels and poor workmanship. 

Roof ladders are always used and safety harnesses always worn. There are rare occasions when the only safe option is to have scaffold erected or use a cherry picker but this is usually for extremely high or awkward buildings. 

Contact Essex Pest Control & Bird Control today. If possible try and email over some pictures of your solar panels and the side of the house they are on from far back so we can see the area our ladders will be and check for obstructions. This will also enable us to give you an accurate quotation for your solar panel proofing.

Solar panel proofing London

Solar panel proofing Essex

solar panel proofing for pigeons

Find more pictures of our solar panel proofing for houses on our Facebook page below. 

We also provide Pigeon control such as loft clearances, spiking and netting.





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