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Welcome to Essex Pest Control and Bird Control – Discreet Essex Pest Control and London Pest Control services also covering Kent and Hertfordshire.

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control are based in Walthamstow, East London and Dagenham, Essex and offer a fast and discreet 24 hour pest control Essex and London service,  7 days a week, wherever you are!

If you are looking for local pest control companies, look no further than EPB Control, we are big enough to cope, but small enough to care about you and your property.

Also why not visit Essex Pest Control and Bird Control’s videos page and see the latest Bed Bugs and Cockroaches videos which may help you in identification, alternatively call for more information on any of our pest control services, treatments or to book a treatment.

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Our services are available to both residential and commercial properties, we provide pest control contracts, one off intensive treatments, inspections and reporting.

We cover North London, East London, South London, Kent, Hertfordshire.

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Local Pest Control Essex Services – Proofing – Any proofing will be advised where any issues are found to be the cause of any pest infestations, this may be holes, bristle strips for doors to stop mice entry, mesh to air bricks, or proofing in a loft where access has been gained by Rats or Squirrels or it may be spiking, netting or again proofing of holes where feral pigeons have gained access to an area or are nesting on areas that could cause health hazards to the public, such as on signs above stores/ shopping areas, a pest control technician will carry out an inspection and give you a detailed report on any pests, proofing issues caused by pests or aiding the infestation and potential issues and solutions to any pest infestations. We can either carry out pest proofing for you or we can advise on the best way of proofing any areas yourself and recommend what would be best to use to ensure that there are no re infestations via those locations.

Bed bugs can be difficult to locate unless you know exactly where to look, what signs to look for to indicate bed bugs presence. Watch this video of a bed bug infestation. Essex pest control and Essex bird control will take your call now if you suspect you have bed bugs but have not been able to find any, we are specialists in the control and extermination of bed bugs and know all the places that they will be and how to find them, their habits and the best and most suitable ways to get rid of them for good. So if they are there we will tell you for certain.

The bed bugs extermination treatment involves thorough and precise measures to be taken to ensure that the bed bugs are fully exterminated and not moved to and from other properties or rooms and this requires expert knowledge of bed bugs and their nature, what is required to exterminate them, and correct knowledge of what you are required to do whilst the treatment is ongoing to ensure that it is successful, for example, clothing being kept in sealed bags once washed, plus other measures. We carry out these treatments across London and Essex from weekly and can be with you in no time to start ridding your home of this pest which if left can spread throughout a home in no time and if not treated correctly and by a competent pest control professional will remain in place for an unlimited period of time. See our pest control videos page for more information on bed bugs and the signs of bed bugs, videos uploaded are for information and educational purposes and to assist in the identification of bed bugs and the signs of what to look for, for more information contact a technician directly on the 24 hour number for Essex and London.

Feral pigeon fouling can cause serious ill health when breathed in as a dust form and when left to build up can cause corrosion and damage to buildings and homes alike. Essex pest control and bird control can proof entry points used by pigeons to gain access to properties and can remove feral pigeons and carry out a hygiene and anti bacterial clean up of areas suffering feral pigeon nesting and pest infestations. This is something that should only be undertaken by pest control professionals due to the hazards involved in dealing with feral pigeon fouling. Once they have gained access into an area, such as a loft area they will nest and the area will quickly become actively used by many pigeons and droppings will build up, not only does this cause health hazards but also if left for a long period of time can cause damage to support beams and ceilings due to corrosion and weight of the droppings. Essex pest control and Essex bird control can clear the area of pigeons, carry out a clean up of the loft and remove all fouling and spray with an anti bacterial spray and fill any holes that were used to gain access.
Diseases that can be transmitted from Feral Pigeons to Humans include Salmonella, Psittacosis and over 40 more, far more than Rats! Essex Pest Control and Essex Bird Control have carried out pigeon proofing works across Dagenham, Romford and other local areas in East London and Essex for homes, shops and other businesses. We have been carrying out bird control on all types of properties and buildings for a long time ranging from bird control in homes such as bird removal from lofts and bird control on shops such as bird proofing, bird spiking and pigeon netting and fouling removal. We carry this out across London and Essex. Our pigeon control and bird control services can be arranged by calling us today

Wasp nests can be found from your shed to your loft, if you have had areas that have had a wasps nest in the past be sure to do regular checks throughout the season and catch them as early as possible, we will carry out wasps nest removal treatments to local areas such as Dagenham, Romford, Hornchurch and Grays and as well as pest control and wasp nest removal in Rainham areas on the same day or at the latest the next morning but also cover all of Essex, East London and also Kent for Wasps Nest removal services. Wasps nests removal will be carried out by powder treatment which is inserted into the centre of the nest and then pumped in to ensure that the queen is exterminated and that the nest becomes totally useless and also all workers still inside and returning wasps are also exterminated, this is an extremely effective wasps nests treatment method and renders the nests useless.
The wasps nest will be removed where it is suitable and if access allows but this may not always be the best and most practical thing to do and may not always be safe for the pest control technician to do so in some circumstances where the nest is at height or in an area that could be a safety risk. If a Wasps nest is in an area that it cannot be removed after extermination then the nests will not be able to be used again by wasps at a later date once treated and will not cause any problem by remaining in place, all possible efforts will be made to take nests away though. Want a Wasps Nest removed today? Wasps Nests are on the increase and are going to be gig this year due to the early warm weather, book early to ensure your nest is removed asap! wasp nest removal Essex, wasp nest removal East London and local areas such as wasp nest removal Dagenham and wasp nest removal Romford.

Cockroaches if left can quickly spread and also be transported to other properties/businesses and spread disease and infestations take hold of properties in quick time with devastating effects. Essex Pest Control and Bird Control are experienced in treating all manner of cockroaches including the Oriental cockroach, the German cockroach and the Brown banded cockroach. Cockroach treatments require expert knowledge of each type of cockroaches preferred environment, habits, activity and the duration of nymph activity after treatment has begun as most cockroaches will drop any eggs once in contact with insecticides and this can appear to be a re emergence of the infestation after a period of decreased activity. It is important that these treatments therefore are carried out for the correct duration and by an pest control professional. Visit our pest control videos page if you wish to see videos of a german cockroach infestation and a cockroach with ootheca.

Essex Pest Control and Essex Bird Control specialise in treatments of domestic properties but also carry out treatments in all types of commercial properties as well as providing pest control services to the food, accommodation and retail sectors. If you require a servicing contract with monthly reporting, EPB Control can provide this service.

These are just some of the areas that are covered by Essex Pest Control and Essex Bird Control although we are do provide all of
our services to the whole of Essex, London and Kent and now we are expanding to cover – Surrey, Suffolk, Hertfordshire.


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