Rodent Control Services

Welcome to Essex Pest Control and Bird Control and our Rodent Control page. Here are some useful facts and information on Mice and Rats the pest control services that we can provide to prevent further infestations of these pests within your home or business.

These extermination services are available to residential and commercial properties across London, Essex, Kent and Her

Rodent Control Services

Pest proofing for residential homes comes with a guarantee that we will prevent all rodents from accessing your home once proofing has been completed.

Rats are one of the more common pests found in London and the home counties and one that you are never far away from! However, although we accept we are surrounded by Rats, when they start entering our home or business this is a matter that should be dealt with urgently and one that requires a Rodent control service, a local pest control company such as Essex Pest Control and Bird Control.

Proofing is vital but it must be done properly. Don’t do it right, you may as well not do it at all.

Rats cause all sorts of damage, but they also pose a very serious health risk. Here are some signs that you may have an infestation of Rats and also some of the considerations that you should take into account.

  • Smell, Rats leave an unmistakeable ammonia like smell .
  • Scratching in ceilings and walls.
  • Droppings, between 1-2cm long, dark.
  • Damage to foods, boxes, chewed and ripped materials.
  • Rat burrows in the garden, under the sheds, fences and house.
  • Gnawed and chewed wires, pipes, washing machine hoses.

Health risks from Rats to us and our pets.

  • Weil’s disease
  • Salmonella
  • E Coli
  • Tuberculosis
  • Fleas, Mites and Ticks

If Rats are entering your home there is a serious risk to you and your family, it must be addressed immediately by contacting a professional pest control company to assist in the rodent control. Exterminating the rats is not the only thing to consider, rodent control proofing is also going to be a big part in ensuring that further rats do not gain access into the property.

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control are experts in pest proofing a property. If you would like your home or business proofed against rodents, contact us to discuss it further.


Rodent Control – Mice Pest Control by Essex Pest Control and Bird Control

Mice are a pest that you are most likely to see at some point in your lifetime in the area of your property or garden. Rodent Control, Mice ControlWith their breeding rate, litter sizes and habits they can quickly turn from being two mice to a dozen or more mice in any property.

We carry out mice pest control services daily and are vastly experienced in their habits and what it takes to ensure your property is rid of them long term, not just for a few months. Baiting is sometimes only a short term answer if you have an infestation of mice. Proofing will often be required to prevent further infestations.

Mice will chew there way into food stuffs, bags and all sorts of other household items and use the materials to nest within the home, in a quiet cupboard, rear of fridges, under the floorboards or in the insulation of a wall. Here are some facts on Mice.

  • Scratching, several scurrying Mice in a ceiling.
  • Droppings, dark, adults the size of a grain of rice, young, smaller.
  • Ammonia like smell, very strong in cupboards and enclosed areas.
  • Damage, gnawing on items to control the continuous growth of teeth.
  • Constantly urinating at they move.
  • Can fit through most gaps, under doors, air bricks.

Due to the droppings and urinating Mice can pose a health risk particularly to children who may be on the floor and in areas Mice have run and toileted. It is strongly advised that if you are aware you have an infestation of Mice you sterilise all food preparation surfaces first thing in the morning daily and be sure to check children’s toy areas for dropping and signs of activity.

Pest Proofing Page or take a look at our Pest Identification and Bug Videos Pest Control and Proofing is key to controlling Mice as well as an effective pest control treatment to remove to infestation. Mice will enter a home or business via holes in walls, floorboards, air bricks as well as other locations. It is vital that these areas are proofed to prevent future re infestations.

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control will give proofing advice and recommendations on every treatment. It is also vital to ensure there are no food sources left on the floor that may encourage Mice to enter or provide an alternative food source during an Mice Control treatment.

Note, if you do come across a nest, it will likely contain young mice, this can be somewhat distressing for some people to find. Contact us today for assistance on Rodent control services and general pest control London, Pest Control Essex, Kent and Hertfordshire.

See our testimonials page to see what others thought of our services for local pest control London, pest control Essex and pest control Kent services.

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control have over 10 years experience of providing control and extermination services across the UK. If you require more information on services, a type of pest or anything else give us a call and speak directly to an experienced local pest control technician.

We are East London, Walthamstow based and Essex, Dagenham based. You deal directly with experienced London pest control technicians when you contact us and we give you accurate and honest information. We are informative from start to finish, we also provide an external bloh here.

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control

With the winter well under way, the cold and wet weather sweeping across the UK, this is the time that our homes and our businesses are most likely to suffer issues with Rats and Mice. This is also the time of year for London pest control companies when Rodent Control requests are at their highest.

This is the same for Essex Pest Control and Bird Control, most of the calls we have right now are for rodent control in the East London and Essex area with pest proofing being one of the most requested services.

Essex Pest Control Carry Out Pest Proofing

Proofing Is Vital

Rodent Pest Control Proofing

Pest Proofing

This is something that anyone can do for their own property, although be mindful of a few things before you start, such as materials, what is beneath those holes you are filling, rodent urine in areas you are touch as well as ensuring that all holes are filled, it isn’t any good filling 9 and leaving 1.

Many people would rather employ a professional local pest control company to do this for them, and for good reason but if you really want to do it yourself, I will give you some tips. Bear in mind this is not the full proof way to protect your home from Rats and Mice as all properties are different and suffer different issues, but these will help.

Areas to check when carrying out proofing in your property:

  • Remove kick boards/plinths on bottom of kitchen units and inspect pipe/drainage exit points.
  • Electric and gas meters and cable/pipe entry and exit points.
  • Air vents/bricks on bottom of the outside of property  . Overtime these wear away.
  • Remove bath panel and check for mice and rat droppings. Common area for activity.
  • Check exit doors for gaps at the base of door.
  • Fire places.
  • Rear of bathroom sink/toilet.
  • Radiator pipes as they enter the floor.
  • Boiler.
  • Under stairs cupboard and around door frames.
  • Check outside of building around base of walls for rat burrows.

These are some of the common areas that Essex Pest Control and Bird Control encounter holes when carrying out proofing and rodent control services.

So, what will you need, apart from patience and time:

  • Wire wool.
  • Expanding foam.
  • Filler.
  • Cement (use where possible, longer lasting)
  • Louver vents/air brick covers.
  • Wood – may need to replace areas of floor under bath as often large holes.
  • Bristle strips.

So that is the basics really, I would always advise against just buying a can of expanding foam and filling a hole with it. Rats and Mice will gnaw through it and it will just be a waste of your time. If you really want to use foam, messy as it is, ensure you first fill the hole with wire wool. WARNING – If you are pushing wire wool into a hole, be sure there are no exposed electric cables in the hole that have been chewed by rodents. Common problem.

If you require a local pest control company to provide you with effective rodent control services, contact Essex Pest Control and Bird Control today. Fast, reliable and effective.

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