Rat Infestations

Rat Infestations

By Essex Pest Control and Bird Control

If you have in the past suffered rat infestations, you know only to well the damage rodents can do to a property, home or business.

With the cold weather hanging around longer than expected this increases the likely hood of rat infestations occurring in your property, particularly if surrounding properties have an infestation, like the major problem reported in the Bexhill-On-Sea-Observer. 

Now is the time to be carrying out a few checks around your property. You need to be looking for signs of digging, tunneling and scratching around areas of bushes, under fences and the walls of the building.

Don’t make life easy for them by leaving items such as rubbish, bushes or piles of any old items sitting by the walls of your property. This just provides them with safe areas. Ensure all rubbish is in sealed bins. Maintain the areas around your property too.

Rat Infestations

If you suspect that you may already have rat infestations within your property look out for tell take smear marks or the unmistakable urine smell, musky like.

They use the same routes to travel so you will notice the grease/dirt marks on areas they climb or enter, around holes, over skirting boards and so on.

If you are suffering from Rat Infestations you will undoubtedly require proofing once the infestation has been cleared up. This could consist of a number of things, from a missing air brick to a hole around the drainage under the kitchen unit.

What to look for:

Droppings: Dark, oval shaped droppings, about 1 – 2 cm in length.

GnawingRats gnaw to manage the length of their incisors, they will gnaw on wood to gain access, even dishwasher pipes and electric cables!

Damaged Food: Check stock often of any food stored in cupboards. They will chew into it and eat it. If found remove all damaged items and throw away due to risk of disease. 

Burrows: Check in gardens around bushes, fences, walls of the property for signs of digging and tunneling .




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