Mice Control Romford

Welcome to Essex Pest Control & Bird Control. We offer local pest control in Romford and one of our most requested services from local homes is mice control Romford. Mice Control Romford - EPB Control

We provide 24 hour Romford pest control services to residential and commercial properties and are employed by various local businesses to protect their properties from pests such as mice.

  • Discreet mice control Romford, 7 days a week.
  • Mouse proofing also available.
  • 24 hour pest control Romford and Essex.

Essex Pest Control & Bird Control are a local pest control company so can attend your home or business fast for mice control Romford and will do so 7 days a week at a time that suits you. These treatments consist of 2 options. 

Baiting mice control Romford

Baiting is poisons placed into secure plastic mouse boxes that can only be opened with a key. These are safe around children and pets. They are then placed around the property in key locations such as under the kitchen units where mice often gather.


Mouse proofing for involves finding the entry points and then sealing then on internal and external areas of your home. Holes are sealed with a variety of materials but we at Essex Pest Control & Bird Control do not use expanding foam. Foam is messy and doesn’t give long term protection. Contact us for more information on mice control Romford.

Essex Pest Control & Bird Control will come out to your property for local mice control Romford 7 days a week. Proofing however is a Monday to Friday service only due to the nature of mouse proofing and not knowing how long jobs can take.

Thank you for choosing us for mice control Romford. Some of the other Romford pest control services we provide are:

We also provide feral pigeon control and fouling removal treatments but these will require an initial inspection of the affected area to be able to give an accurate price for the work needed.