Pest Control London

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control are an Essex and East London based company who provide professional pest control London as well as the home counties.

We provide a friendly and informative residential pest control London, commercial pest control London as well as a 24 hour call out service that is available 7 days a week.

Some of the services provided by us:

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control have over 10 years experience of providing pest control London to clients that range from offices, homes, hotels and restaurants. You are in safe hands with EPB Control.

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Pest control London

Commercial Pest Control London.

EPB Control can protect your business all year round. We carry out several services for commercial properties across London.

These include treatments out of office hours, rodent control of car park and service areas and pest monitoring of these types of buildings. 

Residential Pest Control London.

EPB Control also provide these services daily across London. We carry out treatments like bed bug control, mice and rat control.

We also are employed by several managing agents to take care of landlords properties and deal with many tenants. For more information contact us.

Local Pest Control London – With so many years experience, vast knowledge of all types of pests, birds, properties, areas and infestations, Essex Pest Control and Bird Control treat every property and treatment individually rather than a one treatments fits all approach.

A house that requires wasp nest removal London could differ to a primary school that requires the same service, have different health and safety considerations, as would a London home that had mice to a food store with mice, no two treatments will be the same, just as no two properties are the same.

You are in safe hands with EPB Control for Pest Control London.

Bird Control London and Feral Pigeon Pest Control London is a service that requires expert knowledge. EPB can remove Pigeon nests, fouling removal, loft clearances as well as provide spiking and netting to all types of properties.

If you are experiencing any issues with birds or pigeons contact us now to provide details of the problem and someone will be able to give you all the information you need on EPB’S services and costs.

The longer Pigeons nest in an area, the worse the damage and the higher the risk of contact with their fouling. Pigeon Control

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control carry out pest proofing across London every week, the importance of proofing should not be over looked, it can be the difference between a re infestation of pests such as rodents.

Proofing can be carried out for pests such as Rats, Mice, Pigeons and insects, it may range from large holes in the kitchen, under the stairs or vent, floors or roofing spaces. To know more on our proofing services contact us today or for more information on proofing visit our pest proofing page.
If you need to know any more about our services, areas covered, costs or anything at all then contact us and we will discuss all your needs and answer all your questions, our level of service is something we take great pride in and our friendly and informative attitude is always appreciated by our clients.

Essex Pest Control and Essex Bird Control cover most parts of London:

Here are the services provided in London by Essex Pest Control and Bird Control:

We hope you find the information useful on our site and hope you are even more satisfied with the level of service you will receive from us, you will only deal with experienced pest control technicians, no salesman or surveyors.