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Essex Pest Control and Bird Control provide local pest control Brpest control brentwood and Essexentwood and the surrounding areas 7 days a week. If you live in and around Brentwood, Shenfield and need a local pest control company in Brentwood, look no further!
We are a small local family run Brentwood pest control company who provide the highest level of customer service. Unlike large national companies we know the local areas having lived in them all of our lives and as such our prices also reflect that.
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Essex Pest Control and Bird Control offer commercial, industrial and residential pest control Brentwood, Essex. Our current clients range from restaurants, stores and social clubs to bars, residential apartment blocks and schools in Brentwood and the surrounding areas.

Our pest control treatments are always effective and our local pest controllers always aim to be as discreet and informative as possible. Some of the treatments and services Essex Pest Control and Bird Control provide are:

Pest Control Brentwood Services

  • Bed bug pest control Brentwood. Discreet, 100% effective.
  • Mice control Brentwood and mouse proofing Brentwood.
  • Feral pigeon pest control Brentwood. Fouling removal, nest removal.
  • Wasp nest removal in Brentwood, Essex.
  • Cockroach control, Flea extermination.
  • Servicing agreements, one off treatments, inspections and reporting for businesses in Brentwood, Essex.
  • 24 hour pest control in Brentwood, Essex.

Whether you have a business in Brentwood or you are a resident that requires pest control in Brentwood, Essex Pest Control and Bird Control can ensure you and your property are pest free and remain so with out up to date, effective extermination treatments and our pest prevention methods. Contact us for more information.

Our pest control vehicles are equipped to deal with all types of pest problems, such as mice and mouse proofing for homes in Brentwood and rat control as well as fleas or bed bugs treatments in Brentwood, we could be right around the corner from you now!Stop searching endless local pest control companies in Brentwood and contact us.

Big enough to cope, small enough to care, your local pest control company, EPB Control

Rodent Proofing Brentwood – Essex Pest Control and Bird Control carry out rat and mouse proofing daily in Essex to stop people having repeat infestations of rats and mice. If you would like us to proof your home get in touch.

Proofing is vital to ensuring that your property remains pest free for the future! Mice will enter a property via the smallest holes that can easily go undetected to the untrained eye. Once mice are in your home or business they will then nest and breed rapidly quickly growing in numbers and causing damage and health risks.

Mice will not go away if left. Visit EPB’s proofing page if you would like to learn more about this service. Mouse proofing in Brentwood is a highly requested service, call us today to book in.

Pigeon Control in Brentwood – If you have feral pigeons nesting on or in your property, there is going to be fouling building up. Pigeon fouling can be harmful if breathed in and can also cause damage to properties with its corrosive nature. Fouling also must be removed safely and be disposed of correctly. If Pigeons have gotten into your loft, then the longer they are left, the more fouling builds up, this also puts extra weight onto the ceilings. Contact EPB today to book an inspection and for someone to give you more details on bird control services in Brentwood. Pigeon Control page

Pest Control brentwood Services – Whatever service you require, whatever property type you have, you can be assured of complete discretion and minimal disruption to your business or property.

Where possible EPB will not park outside your property and under no circumstances will the reason of attendance be disclosed with anyone. All works are carried out in strict accordance with the various acts we are required to adhere to such as the safe use of pesticides act and coshh.

Services are available and provided to all different sectors including food, industrial, retail to name a few. EPB provide 24 hour pest control in Brentwood as well as being relied on by local housing associations and managing agents as well as various local landlords to keep properties pest free and provide a fast and effective extermination service. If you have been searching local pest control companies, look no further, EPB are big enough to cope but small enough to care.

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