Mice Infestations

Mice Infestations 

Mice infestations are one of the things I am most questioned on, both on Essex Pest Control and Bird Control’s twitter page and the facebook page, as well as in person.

You can almost guarantee that with the cold weather comes mice infestations, homes and businesses suffer alike. Baiting, trapping and other methods of killing the mice is only going to provide a short term fix. What you really need to be thinking about is proofing you property for long term protection.

The reason behind mice infestations, or any rodent infestation for that matter could be a number things, such as:

  • Living by fields, streams, rivers or woodland.
  • Building work or road work nearby that disturbs nests. 
  • Poor condition of your property.

Regardless of the reason behind why you may have mice infestations,Mice Infestations if you do not have entry points into your property, they will simply not be able to gain access (unless a rat comes up the toilet or drains) in to your home.

What I am going to do now is take you over some of the basic things to look at if you are going to attempt to proof your property yourself.

The most common entry points are:

  • Under doors, mainly wooden exit/entry doors – Fit bristle strips!
  • Old air bricks – Cover with louver vent or mesh. 
  • Drainage and water pipes that come up under the kitchen units – Wire wool, sealant, foam, cement.
  • Gas and Electricity meters, cables and pipes into floors and walls have holes – DO NOT PUSH WIRE WOOL INTO HOLES AROUND ELECTRICITY CABLES IN CASE RODENTS HAVE CHEWED AND EXPOSED WIRES. Fill with sealants.

Also you will want to look for the following:

  • Check floor boards under baths and kitchen units as these often have been moved around and holes left.
  • Check around skirting boards and radiator pipes, especially if you have a basement. 
  • Check around the base of exterior wall and foot steps for holes, loose bricks and burrows.
  • Check in the loft for signs of activity, loose tiles, air vents broken. 
  • Check your shed or garage, keep them clear and tidy, do not provide a nesting area close to your home. 

Some tips on how not to make life easier for rats and mice:

  • Do not store old garden items, rubbish, branches against exterior walls, you are providing cover for them.
  • Do not leave bins with lids open outside or anything that will entice them towards your property.
  • Do not leave any left over pet food outside your property, this will attract them.
  • Try to keep the areas around your property well maintained, cut, clean and clear.
  • Do not fill holes with just expanding foam, they will chew through it, first use wire wool, personally I do not use foam, it is messy, ugly and a quick fix, I prefer using cement, wood and so on. It is your choice. 

When checking your property for holes focus on one area at a time, focus on the external walls and floors, internal dividing walls are not important.

Look for old droppings under units, no matter how small a hole you find fill it. A mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a Biro pen and a heavy mice infestation can start within weeks of them entering your property.

As you will see from previous posts such as Rat Infestations , rodent proofing your home and pest identification, once mice get into a property it can be a long process to eliminate them all, clear your house of the dead bodies and be sure all of the nests are gone.

If you would like more information on mice infestations, rats or proofing please contact me and I will gladly assist you. Thank you for reading and please comment and share this post.


  1. Sandra / 18 Jul 2013

    Thanks Darren, for coming out so quickly and for the information you gave me about what to expect when looking for someone to assist with my mice problem! I found you to be very honest and efficient. After having spoken to other pest control handlers I found you to be most reasonably priced. Many thanks again. Sandra Walthamstow E17

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  3. Pest-Controller / 09 Jul 2014

    Thank You Darren for such a wonderful post. This post is really informative which can help in controlling mice infestations in future.

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