Flea Treatments London

Welcome to Essex Pest Control & Bird Control. We are a small family run pest control service based in Dagenham who serve all of London, Essex and Kent.Flea treatments in London

We provide a first class pest control service to all of our clients and offer discretion, affordability and effective pest control treatment’s that are available six days a week.

Fleas are a pest that people often feel embarrassed to have. They are not however a reflection on how clean your home is or isn’t. 

With the summer comes Fleas by the way of cats. In fact 75% of all fleas in the UK are from cats. Fleas can very quickly make your life a living misery by biting you every time you have a part of your body exposed, mainly on the lower legs.

They can quickly breed and spread throughout your home making your life a misery and self help treatments rarely work leading to a waste of funds before having to pay a professional anyway. Our Flea extermination treatments are in depth and highly effective at eradicating the Fleas.

Essex Pest Control & Bird Control can guarantee that our London flea treatments will fully eradicate the fleas and any that may hatch from eggs. Contact us today and we could be in your home within hours to start the flea extermination treatment.

Flea treatments in London is one of the most requested services in the warmer months. We have high success rates with our flea extermination services in London so contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.

Cost is dependant on property size but we think our flea treatments in London are affordable compared to the larger companies.

Essex Pest Control & Bird Control are available 6 days a week too so we can attend your home at a suitable time.

Flea Treatments London – Preparation

We can take you through how to prepare over the phone, its pretty straight forward but the whole house will need treating by us to fully eradicate the fleas so there are some things that need to be done.

Everything from carpets and rugs to sofas, beds and laminate flooring too will be treated so you need to ensure that there are no items on the floor that shouldn’t be there, all carpets are hoovered and all beds stripped down.

We cover all areas of London and Essex from Brent Cross and Wembley to Flea Control Barking & Dagenham, Flea pest control Romford, Flea removal treatments Walthamstow, Lambeth or Wickford. Wherever you are, if you require flea treatments London or Essex give us a call. Our pest control technicians are discreet and helpful.

Based in Walthamstow, London and Dagenham, Essex we can attend fast! Also, we operate 6 days a week so can attend your home at a time that suits you. We try to provide cheap pest control London and this includes Flea treatments.

Pets will need to be out of the property as will you and your family for a period of 4 hours after the treatments.


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Flea Treatments London

The whole house requires treatment for Fleas