Emergency Pest Control In London

24 hour pest control, emergency pest control in LondonEmergency Pest Control In London

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Essex Pest Control & Bird Control provide discreet 24 hour pest control London and Essex 7 days a week.

As we are based in East London and Essex we can have a pest controller with you fast wherever you are.

We do not charge an extra call out fee on top of the cost of the pest control treatment. Call us now if you want a technician to be with you soon.

It is 2am, you have just seen a mouse in the kitchen. You need 24 hour Emergency Pest Control In London.

  • 24 hour mice control treatments. We can start baiting immediately to start the eradication process.
  • 24 hour cockroach extermination London. Cockroaches are nocturnal so you are more likely to find out you have them late at night.

Whatever the pest, if we can treat it at night, we will.

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control provide emergency pest control in London and emergency pest control in Essex, 7 days a week!

We understand some things just cant wait and you probably wouldn’t be able to get any sleep knowing there are unwanted guests running around your property, be it Rats, Mice or even Bed bugs. Our vans are equipped to deal with all types of infestations in all property types, insect control, rodent control, bed bug control and so on.

East London and Essex based, we are in a great location to be able to access all major routes in and out of London and Essex. Wherever you are, be it Dagenham, Romford, Basildon or Walthamstow, Enfield or Catford, we will have a 24 hour emergency pest controller with you.

Our 24 hour emergency pest control in London service is a well requested one, mainly for mice. It can be a fright walking into a room and seeing a mouse run out past you or go under a unit in the kitchen. Usually when dealing with any type of rodent within a property there will be proofing issues to deal with, this could range from a small hole in the floor, around a pipe or perhaps and air vent requiring proofing or sometimes more. Our 24 hour pest control London services are more for an immediate response, proofing would be a day time visit.

In extreme circumstances a return visit for proofing will be required. Your property however will be left in a condition to limit activity and reduce risk of further activity that night. In extreme proofing conditions we may have to use tools such as hammers, power tools and so on, not something your neighbours would appreciate at 2am!

See our rodent control page for more information on mice and rat behaviour or contact us via phone and email.
Take a look at our testimonials page to see what others think of our pest control services.

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