Cockroaches Are Dining In Restaurants

Cockroaches can be a very common pest to find in homes and restaurants all over the United Kingdom. Let’s think about it – your kitchen is warm, there are lots of nooks and crannies for a cockroach to live in and there is continuous food available for them to lunch on. Your kitchen is like the dream home for all these little creepy pests, but is a cockroach the dream pet for your kitchen?

Cockroaches are known as pests for a reason, they cause incredibly negative publicity for businesses such as restaurants and they carry around unwanted diseases. In a restaurant a cockroach can be particularly dangerous as the cause of food poisoning outbreaks.

If you are the owner of a restaurant it’s a great idea to call a pest control company into your business during a time the restaurant is closed. Get the pest control specialist to have a look around your kitchens, store rooms and seating areas and they will see if they can find signs of cockroaches or any other pests within your premises.

Once the pest control company has completed their search they will then be able to advise you on the pests you are dealing with, if any, and also recommend what precautions you should put in place. This may be small traps under cupboards or fridges, moving some food products to a different area or even moving some of the equipment to leave less room for cockroaches to make homes.

You can then arrange for quarterly checks where the pest controllers will come back to your premises to check that the pest issue is gone and check that you have no other problems.

For a restaurant there is not much worse than a customer seeing a pest and either screaming so the whole restaurant know, or even telling everyone via word of mouth. Some people go one further and tell the world about your restaurant and the pest sighting on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Damage like this can cause huge issues for a restaurant and their customers may choose not to return.

If you notice pests in your restaurant don’t wait around, but call the pest control professionals in immediately and they can deal with your pest issue. The longer you leave it the more pests you will have and the long it will take the pest control company to get rid of them!

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