Bird Poop Is a Gardeners Friend

You may often hear gardeners moaning about birds as they are stealing the seeds they plant or munching on some of the fruit and vegetables that the gardeners have grown. Yet, what comes out of the other end of the bird gardeners are very keen to have. The phosphorus and other nutrients in the bird poop can be a great additive to your compost, especially for your green vegetables. If you do choose to use the bird poop on your garden make sure it’s covered with compost so you avoid the risk of an airborne contamination.

However bird poop is not loved by many other people, cars, commercial buildings, shops and other businesses are often left with a very costly bill of cleaning up this disgusting problem but due to the fact they don’t know how to keep the birds away they just clean up the mess until the birds come back and make a mess again.

This is why some businesses are choosing to bring in the experts. They are calling in bird control or pest control companies who can fit netting, spikes and other bird deterrent materials to stop the birds from coming back.

A bird control program is ideal from stopping the birds coming back, but if you already have an issue with mess you will need to get that cleaned up as well. There is uric acid in bird poop and this is what can cause the staining on paint and fabric. There is also a scent that birds leave behind so they know where to come back to. This is why you need to clean the mess away otherwise the birds will continue to come back. Most bird control companies will be able to clean this mess away for you in a safe, professional and efficient manner so you will be able to lay the bird deterrent materials on a ‘clean slate’ so to speak.

If you have a bird control issue at your home or business then why not call in the pest control experts and see how they can help you!

  1. Pest-Controller / 09 Jul 2014

    Nice article. As bird poop is helpful for gardeners it can be harmful for other businesses. Those worried about this should consult a pest control company.

  2. Pest Control Bedfordshire / 10 Sep 2014

    Thanks for informative post.

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