The Best Tool in Pest Control? It’s In Your Home!

There are lots of pest control tools out there on the market, but when it comes to household items that can be used to help you control your pests you will find that the trusty vacuum cleaner is the best option.

Let’s start from the very beginning; you use your vacuum cleaner for cleaning around the house, sucking up dust and unwanted dirt from around your home. Using your vacuum cleaner for a regular house clean can help prevent pests in your home. While you are vacuuming up dirt, dust and debris you will be vacuuming up the food for the pests – if the pests have nothing to eat they are unlikely to stick around and will go somewhere else where food is available.

Now, what about the pests you see; like the spiders web in the corner of the bedroom with spider egg sacks, or the cluster of flies that always escape the swipe of the fly swatter or even the ants that are around the front porch in Summer – a quick suck from the old vacuum cleaner and the pests are gone.

Remember, if you do choose to use a vacuum to rid you of your pest’s then use it on full blast / the highest suction and as soon as the pests are sucked up take out the bag, tie it at the top and stick it in the bin – your pests are gone!

Now some pests can be harder to get rid of because they are too big for the vacuum cleaners suction, or even too small to find easily so you will need to call in the pest removal experts in cases like this. But don’t worry; they will get your house pest-free again, quicker than you think!

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