What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

What do bed bugs look like is something I am often asked when advising people who are worried they have them or have been somewhere that had them. This is a good question as unless you have had bed bugs yourself or have seen them for some other reason, why would you know what they look like. Education is key in the battle against this pest.

Some people believe that you cannot see bed bugs. They are to small. Well in some instances that could be correct, like in their early stages I suppose if you did not know what you were looking for but to a professional not so.

Well, lets see, what do bed bugs look like?

What do bed bugs look like? What do bed bugs look like, an adult bed bug What do bed bugs look like?

Surprised? Not as small as you maybe thought? Well, those are adults.

New born bed bugs can be more difficult to see. Until they have had a blood feed they are translucent and due to their small size could easily be invisible to the untrained eye. Bed bugs will moult 5 times before adulthood and each time a blood feed will be required. As their size increases so does the chance of being able to see them.

Obviously if you are seeing lots of tiny bed bugs that would suggest there has been bed bug eggs laid. 300 is possible for a female bed bug in the right conditions. If you are finding eggs I would strongly advise you contact a pest control company that specialise in bed bug removal, like we do. 

what do bed bugs look like and eggs? what do bed bugs look like

One of the first things I always look for when carrying out bed bug control is bed bug eggs. If you think you have bed bugs and are asking what do bed bugs look like, then you should definitely take a look at these eggs. These can be very difficult to see and be anywhere from a sofa or bed to curtains, walls, pictures or wardrobes not mentioning plenty of other areas bed bugs live!

In this video I made whilst carrying out a bed bug treatment in London you can see all stages of bed bug and eggs. Bed bugs eggs are not always clumped together like this. They can be spread far and wide across a room making them even harder to detect. It is always best to seek the help of a professional bed bug technician.


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