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EPB Control are a family run pest control company in London who specialise in discreet and affordable bed bug treatments. We may not be as expensive as others but we are just as good at eradicating bed bugs from homes, hotels and hostels.

Also provide in depth advice pre-treatment to help with preparation before your bed bug treatment is carried out.

Our bed bug treatments in London are available six days a week. 

If you need discreet, affordable bed bug pest control London, look no further! Our bed bug treatments in London are always effective and our level of customer service is second to none.

Every client matters to us as much as our reputation that we have spent years building as a local pest control company in London and Essex.

We will treat all areas and all furniture. So a typical treatment would include beds, sofas, furniture, cracks and crevices, floors and so on.

Discreet and friendly bed bug pest control London, available weekends too!

EPB Pest Control London have vast experience and knowledge of carrying out bed bug pest control London and this is why our treatments are always successful. We go more in depth than others to ensure that the bed bugs are eradicated for good! You wont find any 20 minute rushed treatments here! Our treatments are also guaranteed.

  • Detailed, effective bed bug pest control London.
  • Guaranteed. 100% effective, safe bed bug removal from your home.
  • Bed bugs London – Our bed bugs advice blog, pictures, facts, tips and more.
  • Discreet, friendly, informative bed bug technicians.
  • 24 hour emergency pest control London.

Having a bed bugs in your home can be extremely stressful and worrying, not to mention the sleep deprivation.

EPB Pest Control London are here to not only provide you with bed bug pest control treatments in London but also support, advice and assistance in preparation for your bed bug treatment. We are with you for the whole process from start to finish.

EPB Pest Control London are East London and Essex based, able to cover all areas of London and Essex, Kent fast. Contact us today to if you suspect you have noticed the signs of bed bugs or if you need a bed bug inspection in London or a bed bug treatment in London. Dealing with a bed bug infestation fast can make a huge difference.

Bed Bug Pest Control LondonBed Bug Pest Control LondonBed Bug Pest Control LondonBed Bug Pest Control London Bed bug pest control London

EPB Pest Control London have over 12 years of experience of bed bug pest control in London Essex and Kent and carrying out bed bug pest control London. We have a firm client base that includes landlords and managing agents who trust us to keep their properties pest and bed bug free. You are in safe hands. Give us a call for further information or to book bed bug control London services.

We will carry out a bed bug inspection of all areas and rooms, all items within the rooms, not only beds but pictures frames, ornaments and items less obvious to the less experienced individual.

  • Bed bug removal treatments London and Essex, inspections, treatments, reporting and advice.
  • Crack, crevice and furniture treatments.
  • Various bed bug treatment methods available for bed bug control treatments.

Bed bug pest control London is a growing issue, they are spread easily. We can give you information on ways to prevent this.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are easily brought into a home. This is common after travelling and holidays where they can be brought back in luggage and personal items. They are also commonly picked up now by just visiting someone who has them, or them visiting you, items dumped on the street and even buying things from internet auction sites that are infested, we have seen dozens of cases from this.

Bed bugs are a pest that has to be brought in, they are not like a rodent that will enter from outside, they can be brought in on furniture, beds, clothing, on a persons self or even if you visit someone that has them and spend a night or simply sit somewhere that they are. Contact us today for bed bug pest control London and to get your sleep back!

This easy means of spreading bed bugs means that infestations often spread fast.

The Reality 

Do not think that changing a bed or mattress will eliminate the problem, it wont, it will only ensure that your new bed is infested too. D.I.Y Bed Bug treatments do not work either and you will just end up wasting money only to then need a professional treatment anyway.

If you have an infestation of bed bugs the only way to ensure that your property is correctly treated is to contact a professional pest control service who are experienced in dealing with bed bugs and bed bug pest control services.

Contact EPB Pest Control today and speak directly to a local pest control technician and get your property treated soon.

EPB Pest Control London cover all of London, including, Pest Control In Dagenham, East Ham, Ilford, Stratford, Leytonstone, Pest Control Walthamstow, Tottenham, Brent Cross, Bed bug pest control London, Lewisham, Catford, Enfield, Croydon, Pest Control Romford wherever you are, our London Pest Control Services are available to you, 24 hour emergency pest control London