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Rodent Control

Welcome to EPB Pest Control.

We are an Essex pest control company who serve both Essex and London. We provide Rodent control London and Essex 7 days a week and also offer a 24 hour pest control London call outlogo service. 

EPB Pest Control have been operating across London and the home counties for over 12 years and have a client base that ranges from residential properties in London and Essex to commercial businesses that require ongoing rodent control and reporting services.

Some of our clients include schools, restaurants, letting agents, offices and manufacturing companies. We are discreet, friendly and affordable. 

Mice and Rats that get into the home can quickly cause damage and fear as well as urinating everywhere the move. We can quickly eliminate them with our rodent control treatments that include baiting and then rodent proofing.

The first stage is to bait the property (other methods are available) so as to start the eradication process. Baits are placed in keys areas around the property in secure bait stations. The second phase at the following visit would be to carry our rodent proofing. This is done by sealing all entry points using a variety of materials. These treatments are guaranteed. 

  • Rodent Control London and Essex. 7 days a week.Rodent Control London
  • Proofing to prevent re infestations.

Materials we use for rodent control in London or mouse proofing in London would be cement, woods and other materials that will provide long term protection rather than expanding foam used by many companies providing mouse proofing in London. 

Have you seen a mouse or rat? Do not leave it to get worse and for them to breed in your property. Rodents can cause serious damage and health risks not to mention hurt a businesses reputation. Contact EPB Pest Control today for rodent control services or any pet control services you may need.

Rodent Control & Proofing

Our rodent control and rodent proofing services are second to none! We not only find the entry points that rodents are using to get into your home but we will then proofing them with materials such as cement and wood. Not only is this going to give long term protection from rodent infestations but it will look better than alternatives such as expanding foam, which is messy and not always effective. If you want your home proofed against rodents then contact us today. Our mouse proofing in London is one of our most requested services.

EPB Pest Control offer a variety of other services such as bed bugs, wasp nest removal and feral pigeon control. Why not learn a little more about us. We take our reputation very seriously and always aim to provide a friendly, informative and affordable rodent control and pest control service.


Rodent Control – Mice Pest Control by Essex Pest Control and Bird Control

Mice are a pest that you are most likely to see at some point in your lifetime in the area of your property or garden. Rodent Control, Mice ControlWith their breeding rate, litter sizes and habits they can quickly turn from being two mice to a dozen or more mice in any property.

We carry out mice control London and in Essex daily and are vastly experienced in their habits and what it takes to ensure your property is rid of them long term, not just for a few months. Baiting is sometimes only a short term answer if you have an infestation of mice.

Proofing will often be required to prevent further infestations. Mice will chew there way into food stuffs, bags and all sorts of other household items and use the materials to nest within the home, in a quiet cupboard, rear of fridges, under the floorboards or in the insulation of a wall. Here are some facts on Mice.

  • Scratching, several scurrying Mice in a ceiling.
  • Droppings, dark, adults the size of a grain of rice, young, smaller.
  • Ammonia like smell, very strong in cupboards and enclosed areas.
  • Damage, gnawing on items to control the continuous growth of teeth.
  • Constantly urinating at they move.
  • Can fit through most gaps, under doors, air bricks.
  • Contact us today for more information on our rodent control services.

Due to their droppings and urinating Mice can pose a health risk particularly to children who may be on the floor and in areas Mice have run and toileted. Mice are our most requested service for rodent control London and Essex. It is strongly advised that if you are aware you have an infestation of Mice you sterilise all food preparation surfaces first thing in the morning daily and be sure to check children’s toy areas for dropping and signs of activity. Contact EPB Pest Control now to discuss our rodent control treatments in London and Essex