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Bug Videos

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The following bug video’s are of bed bugs, infestations and the signs of bed bugs, what to look for if you think you may have noticed some activity but have not yet seen any bugs. Bed bug infestations can quickly grow to large numbers if left and are easily spread from room to room or property to property. Should you require more information either contact us or see our bed bugs London blog with more useful tips.

Bed bugs are an increasing problem in major cities worldwide and across England, becoming the most increased treatment by London pest control companies including Essex Pest Control and Bird Control.

This is a pest that requires the knowledge and experience of a professional pest control service, rarely are self help treatments successful and often only make the problem worse.

Understanding the signs of bed bugs and where to look to prevent picking them up is vital, Essex Pest Control and Bird Control provide inspections, advice and other services to assist you if you are worried about bed bugs.

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control could attend your home or business to carry out an inspection or treatment if you think you may be suffering the early stages or an infestation of any pest, bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents or any other pest. Our treatments are tailored to each property and our methods are proved to always be effective.

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  • Same Day Bed Bug Treatments Can Be Arranged.
  • Discreet And Friendly Service.
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The following video is of a German Cockroach infestation, notice how the cockroaches hide in dark areas and how fast they scatter when disturbed. The German cockroach has the ability to scale walls and ceilings due to its small size and can spread rapidly throughout properties.

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control’s extermination treatments for this pest will vary depending on the level and scale of the infestation.

Usually they will be found in the kitchen areas and particularly in and around electrical appliances such as fridges, freezers, microwaves etc. Extra care should be taken when cleaning to clean behind and under appliances where ootheca’s (eggs) have been dropped, these home a large number of nymph’s and by sweeping them up it greatly assists in the control and extermination of them.

All the advise will be given to you by your local pest controller at the start of the extermination treatment. We hope you found our bug videos useful and should you require pest control services please do contact us today.

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