bed bugs symptoms

Bed Bugs Symptoms

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What are bed bugs symptoms and many other common questions I am asked about bed bugs, bites, removal and more.

Bed bugs are an increasing problem again worldwide after nearly being removed from the modern world in the 1940’s and 50’s with the use of DDT.

Contrary to popular belief bed bugs infest any property, it is not a hygiene related issue. With the ease of travel now days people pick them up from all over the world and bring them home. You could pick them up on the bus, at work, a friends, basically anywhere you find humans inhabiting you can get bed bugs.

If you think you have bed bugs or have been bitten I will take you through some vital information and bed bugs symptoms.

One of the first signs you will notice will be when bitten by a bed bug. The red, itchy skin around the arms and neck. Bites that are almost in track marks, straight lines where the bugs feeds, moves a little and feeds some more.

There are no known diseases spread from bed bugs, but the itching can cause severe irritation leading to scratching which could lead to infection.

Okay, so some more less physical bed bugs symptoms from Essex Pest Control and Bird Control.

Blood, finding blood on your sheets is a common tell take sign of bed bugs in your bed. Excrement is another, black in colour, you will find this spread across the areas they have travelled and more consistent and built up in the areas they are nesting, as discussed in my previous posts of where to find bed bugs and touched on in how do you get bed bugs .

bed bugs found on furniture.  Bed bug inspection of wallpaper shows bed bug activity





Dead bed bugs, shells and eggs are other common things to look for as shown in these bed bugs videos. You can find these from furniture to the bed frame, cracks and crevices. For more information on bed bugs symptoms or for more on their biology take a look at the pest identification page or you may find this bed bugs blog useful

If you would like a professional pest controllers assistance or help then contact me personally.

All my years of experience in pest control London and pest control Essex mean I have come across and dealt with all types of bed bug infestation. If you would like some advice, then get in touch. Darren

  1. leighanne / 23 Feb 2013

    Hi found your blog very useful and straight to the point unlike other blogs.
    One question although I doubt very much we have bed bugs lol,how often would you suggest a complete change of mattress? As surely this would decrease chances of getting ‘Bed bugs’ or would it not make a difference?

    Ps have used your services in the past to get rid of squirrels,they moved out eventually either that or died but no smell :-/ thanks for your help there,a good friendly service and I’d definitely recommend.
    I ask these questions because when in bed my husband always complains that he feels itchy,making me feel paranoid,I keep checking the mattress each time I change the bedding but can’t see anything that could cause irritation.

  2. David Dean / 07 Apr 2013

    I sent an email and Darren Groves replied within three minutes. That’s GREAT business especially as I’m in Canada and he’s in the United Kingdom! Darren Groves’ reply was courteous, polite, and most helpful. Thank you, Mr. Groves.

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