Bed Bugs Advice

Bed Bugs Advice

By Essex Pest Control and Bird Control. Author of Bed Bugs London blog.

If you think you have bed bugs or are looking to have a bed bug treatment carried out, you are probably searching for some bed bugs advice.

There are several things that you should be aware of and take into consideration to ensure that treatments have the best chance of being successful.

Lets start with preparing your room for a treatment, this type of bed bugs advice should be given to you by any professional pest control company prior to them visiting to carry out a treatment.

Bed Bugs Advice.

Pre Treatment.

  • Beds. Strip all bedding from bed and place into sealed bags to wash or wash immediately. 
  • Wardrobes, chest of draws, bedside units. Clothing must all be washed. All furniture must be empty.
  • Under bed. Any item under the bed is likely to have eggs/bugs on. Thorough inspection. You may need to dispose of certain items.
  • Furniture. Pull all furniture away from the wall six inches.
  • Curtains. Common to find bugs in the tops of the curtains, check and remove/wash if found.
  • Electrics. Switch off plugs.
  • Pictures. Check the rear of pictures of walls for signs on bed bugs/eggs. This goes for book shelves too.
  • Hoover. If you hoover the floors, empty the hoover straight away to an outside bin.
  • Holiday/Travelling. If you have been, and cases are in your room, they could be the source of the problem.

Any items that have eggs or bugs on, such as leather bags, shoes, toys or items that were under the bed, if they cannot be treated or washed due to damaging them or health and safety reasons then you either need to dispose of them, check them thoroughly or place into sealed bags.

I would then advise to store outside the property in perhaps a shed for many many months until risk of bugs surviving has passed. Common sense should always be used, if your shed has a hole in the roof or is damp, obviously this could ruin certain items.

Bed Bugs Advice.

Eggs are easy to miss and spread around a property.

Once you have had a treatment completed the next thing you will need to do is clean. This bed bugs advice may seem obvious, but you do not want to overlook anything. Not only could you have to wash just about every piece of clothing in the room, you now have to clean most of it! This is extremely important, more so if you have children.

Essex Pest Control and Bird Control will always give detailed reporting of where to clean, but just in case you are to use someone else and are not given such details, this information is vital.

Bed Bugs Advice.

Areas to clean

  • Door handles. Spray can sometimes reach areas not intended, or mist. Clean handles or doors/wardrobes/draws.
  • Flat surfaces. Chest of draws, window ledges, top of bedside units. Any area that has a flat top.
  • Headboard. You must ensure you clean headboards or if children’s beds, any areas that will touch.
  • Hoover/mop floors. You may be instructed not to clean along the edges of the floor for residual insecticides.
  • Always ask the pest control service you use for this information.

This bed bugs advice may seem basic but I am often asked these questions so thought they would be useful. Just remember, you can never clean to much and you can never be to cautious when deciding what to dispose of or work out just how far the bed bugs have spread.

For more information see my other blog Bed Bugs London or some of my more recent posts on this blog such as where to find bed bugs, which if you are not 100% sure you have them, will assist greatly in finding them.

I hope this bed bugs advice was of use, feel free to comment.


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    Bed-Bugs is a serious problem as they do not go away easily. Thank You for such a wonderful post. This post is really informative which can help in controlling bed-bugs infestations in future.

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